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Step into a world of vibrant narratives and diverse voices. Discover Bombay-inspired books and South Asian authors, handpicked by the Dishoom team.

Sharing untold stories

Partition Voices by Kavita Puri uncovers the hidden stories of Partition, revealing its profound impact on individuals and communities. Through personal testimonies, Puri illuminates the compassion, loss, and resilience of those affected, confronting the silence surrounding Britain's shared past with South Asia.

"Kavita has done the very brave work of finding survivors of the events of 1947, when the parting gift of the British Raj was to partition India into India and Pakistan, and millions died in the violence. These stories have hardly been told. They are shocking and moving and telling them is necessary. I used to think this was Indian history, of interest to me because my family came from India. Now I see that this is British history and needs to be understood." - Shamil, Founder-walla

For budding historians

Perfect for young readers (9+) curious about Britain's imperial history and its influence on our world today, Stolen History by Sathnam Sanghera is an essential read, bridging past and present for a deeper understanding of our collective history.

"Stolen History dives into topics usually skimmed over in school. Sanghera keeps it interactive and balanced, throwing questions our way so we can really dig into the material, form our own opinions, and even raise a few questions ourselves. Geared toward children and young adults, it’s surprisingly accessible and often humorous, despite the heavy subject matter." - Emma, Chatter-walli

Rebel, renegade, revolutionary

Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary chronicles the remarkable life of Sophia Duleep Singh. Born into royalty and raised amidst British aristocracy, she defied expectations to become a fearless advocate for Indian independence and women's suffrage. Anita Anand paints a vivid portrait of Sophia's journey from palace life to frontline activism.

"What a wonderful read. Princess Sophia was the granddaughter of Emperor Ranjit Singh, the lion of the Punjab and her life was enthralling. She grew up Queen Victoria’s granddaughter and a socialite but after a visit to India, she discovered her beliefs and her voice and grew into a determined and feisty suffragette. Anita has written a book that takes in the sweep of the late British Raj and beyond." - Shamil, Founder-walla

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