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Permit room old-fashioned

  • Dishoom Permit Room Old Fashioned served in a glass
A bottle-aged muddle of Woodford Reserve bourbon, bayleaf reduction, green tea and so on. Like an old club-room, with tertiary colours and artistic composition. Since 1949, Bombay has been under a state of prohibition. A personal permit is required by law if one is to “continue to require foreign liquor and country liquor for preservation and maintenance of one’s health.” Within every Dishoom, there is a ‘Permit Room’. Herein liquor can be sold and imbibed, but only for the goodness of one’s health. Serving suggestion Enjoy at room temperature, neat or on the rocks; if the latter, use plenty of ice for slow dilution. Garnish with a bayleaf and a black olive. Made with love by the Permit Room Daru-wallas for your enjoyment. Delivery in 3-5 business days. Royal Mail are currently experiencing localised service disruptions due to the impact of COVID-19. We have been advised that this may lead to delays in delivery of orders in affected areas. To find out if your area is impacted, and for further updates, please check Royal Mail’s Service Status.