Permit Room Old-Fashioned

  • Dishoom Permit Room Old Fashioned served in a glass
A bottle-aged muddle of Woodford Reserve bourbon, bayleaf reduction, green tea and so on. Like an old club-room, with tertiary colours and artistic composition.
Since 1949, Bombay has been under a state of prohibition. A personal permit is required by law if one is to “continue to require foreign liquor and country liquor for preservation and maintenance of one’s health.” Within every Dishoom, there is a ‘Permit Room’. Herein liquor can be sold and imbibed, but only for the goodness of one’s health.
Serving suggestion
Enjoy at room temperature, neat or on the rocks; if the latter, use plenty of ice for slow dilution. Garnish with a bayleaf and a black olive.
Made with love by the Permit Room Daru-wallas for your enjoyment.
Delivery in 3-5 business days.